ISLEC Development Team(ISLEC开发团队)

Dr. Dongdong Li, project sponsor: theoretical and practical development of the revised Pitzer-Simonson-Clegg equations; general design of ISLEC C code and ISLEC-Web PHP interface code, documentation, help, and website. Email:; Phone: +086-1300776678.

Dr. Prof. Dewen Zeng, project supervisor and collaborating member: propose the Brine Modeling Plan. Email:; Phone: +86 13618496806; Fax: +86 731 88879616.

Dr. Prof. Xia Yin, main ISLEC code tester and verifier, checking the coded basic activity coefficeint equations. Email:

ISLEC Application Team(ISLEC应用团队)

Dr. Dandan Gao. Her application is  to reveal the rare element, Rb, enrichment and distribution behavior simualtion during potash (KCl) production from a chloride type brine.