ISLEC  Version 4.2
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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 clear_comments.cClear all commented lines (started with the character '#') and black lines included in a user specified ISLEC database file
 copyright.cOutput copyright information of the ISLEC or ISLRE program
 gem_ipopt.cPerform Gibbs energy minimization of the whole thermodynamic system using the open source IPOPT optimization library function IpoptSolve()
 gsl_reg.cPerform parameter regression combining single point Gibbs energy minimization and the GNU Scientific Library function gsl_multifit_fdfsolver ()
 islec.cMain function of the ISLEC program
 islec.hHeader file of the ISLEC program
 islre.cMain function of the ISLRE program
 islre.hHeader file of the ISLRE program
 load_db.cLoad (after cleared all commented and black lines) database file into memory object components and phases
 load_exp.cLoad experimental data from a file for parameter regression; the loaded data include water activity (expaw), pH (expph) and solubility (expsol)
 print_results.cOutput the chemical and environmental infromation of the system and the species information in the thermodynamic equilibrium state generated from the Gibbs energy minimization procedure
 psc_model.cImplementation of activity (a) and activity coefficient (r) equations of a revised Pitzer-Simonson-Clegg (PSC) ion interaction model for describing the non-ideality of aqueous solution phase
 rkg_model.cImplementation of activity (a) equation of the Redlich-Kister-Guggenheim (RKG) sub-regular solution model for describing the non-ideality of solid solution phase
 sim_process.cSimulate the commonly involved brine chemical process (i.e. single point equilibrium, evaporating, freezing, heating, mixing)
 test_load.cTest the correctness of the loaded database content by printing them
 test_models.cTest the correctness of the activity equations of PSC and RKG models
 usage.cOutput ISLEC and ISLRE usage information
 version.cOutput ISLEC and ISLRE version information